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Road Accident

Incessant Crashes: 21 Iives lost in 2 Days.

Road accidents have become very deadly and scary these days. There is no guarantee of safety to anyone going on a trip, market or even crossing the road. One must take extra care before crossing or travelling. 21 dead within 2 days is just bad, what is even more alarming is among them is a 6-month-old baby whose life and future has been taken away by this accident.

Last week alone, 21 lives was lost in different accidents in just two days. The first accident happened when two buses collided at Gomoa Mampong killing 10 people instantly and 26 people injured. The second happened with two people gone. The third one happened at the Eastern region with nine people gone, among these was a six-month-old baby with six women and three men who died at the spot, leaving seven people including a pregnant woman injured.

This year alone from January to July, 1,706 persons were confirmed dead through road accidents, which is very disturbing and something should be done about it. We as a country cannot continue to live this way as the future of our beloved ones are been wasted.

The future of our beloved nation depends on the young generations. But if due to reckless driving or bad road that claims the lives of our old and young ones is not been taken serious, we will be losing each passing day

A lot has been said throughout the past years and still going on but nothing, no action has been taken to control the death rate caused by road accidents. We should be careful when we go to sit in buses or even in private cars. Always report reckless driving to the nearest police authorities. This can go a long way to save someone's life. You live only once, and every life counts.

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Eastern Gomoa Mampong Iives


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