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Man Kills His Year Old Son After Pouring A Heap Of Sand On Him

A man has experienced the worst day of his life as he has mistakenly caused the death of his son. This sad incident occurred at Awutu Bodwease in the Central region. The man is said to be completing a building which he started for his family to live in. Because of this, he went to buy a load of sand in a tipper truck for the construction.

As the driver was pouring out the sand in from of the house, unknowingly, the son of the man came to stand at the point where the driver was pouring out the sand. The son is said to be a year and a half years old. Both the driver who was controlling and the father of the young boy said they did not see the young boy there. The driver then mistakenly poured the sand on the young and killed him.

According to those who were around, they heard a cry from afar and started searching for where that was coming from. They searched and found the lifeless body of the young boy under the heap of sand. The father of the young boy together with the driver has been called to the Awutu Bodwease Police station to aid in investigations.   

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Awutu Bodwease


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