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Life Of A Death Row Inmate

United States is still one of the countries that still uses capital punishment. Conditions for these prisoners are notoriously harsh and many people are shocked to learn about the unbelievable daily routines of these unfortunate people. Today we are looking at a day in the life of a death row inmate.

There are currently about 2500 people living on a death row in the United States. The average duration on death row is more than 15 years and 40 percent of the inmates have been there for more than 20 years. This is because the appeal process can take many decades. It's extremely common for inmates have to pass away before they are ever executed. It's hard to imagine just how miserable life is for these unfortunate souls.

Most inmates are only allowed to leave their cells for one hour a day, even then they are left in an enclosed space and are closely monitored by a guard. Their cells are extremely small and they must wear handcuffs except for when they're in their cells or showering. These are even the lucky inmates. This usually results in mental illness.

Many inmates usually commit suicide. Prisoners are often kept in isolation, hence, they can't interact with other inmates. The food available to these individuals has no nutritious value.

In the final 24 hours before execution, inmates are sometimes allowed visits from family and friends. Prisoners receive their last meal and sometimes a fresh pair of clothes. A warden and chaplain visit them in order to say a last minute prayer and they are taken to the execution chamber where they are attached to a heart monitor to determine when their heart had stopped. The inmates are driven to the aptly named death house at around 8pm.

They are woken up at 4:30 A.M. for the last time and brought to the death chamber. The chamber equipment are tested and the receive their final lunch around 10:30 A.M. Once they enter the death chamber they begins and breathe their last breathe after a matter of minutes or hours. The sad part is most of them are innocent.

Well let all pray that we never end up in such a situation. Make sure to like this article, comment your thoughts below and follow up for more awesome future contents. Thank you, goodbye.

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