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Should Apam Disaster Survivors Be Punished Or Pardoned After The Burial Of The Deceased Ones?

Apam disaster is still on board for deliberations or discussion. Not long ago, the teenagers who couldn't survive the disaster were buried, and tears kept flowing down the eyes of the families and friends of these children.

Nevertheless, the question that ought to be asked is that should the children who survived the disaster be pardoned or punished by the laws of the country, for breaking COVID-19 laws as declared by the president?

This is because all things being equal, these children broke the law that forbade citizens from going to the beach in this COVID-19 pandemic era. The truth is that, if the disaster had not happened and these children were caught at the beach, they would have been possibly punished or dealt with by the law.

For instance, if a thief goes to steal and is caught, beaten and suffers great hurts without dying, the police will make sure he is well but will be punished afterwards by the law for his act.

So in actual sense, these survivors of Apam disaster should have been dealt with by the law but will it be advisable? Is it worth it? There wouldn't be the need to punish these children because, most Ghanaians according to reports, are not even observing the COVID-19 protocols but it seems most of these people are free.

Again, these children must be pardoned in the sense that, they have suffered themselves and nature has already thought them some lessons. Drowning in water is a life or death affair and if they have survived, their lives have to be celebrated instead of inflicting more pains on them. The mental trauma alone will be enough a punishment to them.

However what's your take on this discuss? Should the survivors be punished or pardoned?

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