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Sign Of End Time: See What a 70-Year-Old Grandma Was Caught Doing to Her 20-Year-Old Grandson

Immorality has become the order of the day almost everywhere around the world. If there is anything that is currently affecting our youths nowadays, it is probably the lack of good home training or bad choice of peer groups.

Another factor affecting our lifestyle right now is our choice of social life. While it is good to be social, it would be wise to realise that indecency will lead us to nowhere, and it will rather damage our images.

A 20-year-old grandson was caught in an affair with her own grandmother who is 70 years of age. The boy was caught on top of the old granny doing ungodly things to her when people opened the door and caught them in a forbidden position.

This particular incident happened in Kenya in Muranga County. The boy allegedly left his parents house in the morning for school, but instead of going to school, he went to his grandma's house to commit an abomination which angered the people of the community.

The woman claimed that the boy had come to charge his phone, but before they knew it, something else happened which looked strange to them, according to the woman. It is hard to believe that a small boy like that would have anything to do with an old woman of such an old age.

Unfortunately, people took pictures of them and shared it on social media platforms. The old man pleaded for mercy and promised that such a mistake would never happen again. This is a sign of the end time, and everyone of us should be wary of such things because more of it may continue to happen if we don't do the right things at the right time.

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Kenya Muranga County


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