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Sad news hits Kumasi Aboaso as Three confirmed dead and Four in critical condition - Kesben FM

Sad news hit Kumasi Aboaso as Three is confirmed dead and Four in critical condition - Kesben FM 

Residents of Aboaso has been hit with a tragedy as three of its people has been confirmed dead to a raging fire outbreak. Mr. Amoako Atta is the house owner of a eight bedroom self compound apartment at Aboaso in the Ashanti empire. It is located on Northeastern corner of the city, Kumasi. Aboaso is popular for it's second cycle vocational training center, the Gyeama Penson Secondary Technical School.

Mr. Amoako is a highly respected man in the town due to his generosity and kindness. Any help one needs, Mr. Amoako gives wholeheartedly without worrying about repayment plans. This has made him draw attention to himself as the elderly, the young and the adult all knows about him in the town of over 19,000 people. 

Mr. Amoako was in the room with his wife Esther when Adu who is friend of the family heard the wife Esther, shout for help. Adu thought it was their usual ranting since many attributed Mr. Amoako's strength to a lot of things. She kept shouting and that drew the attention of Adu to check again. Adu heard of smoke when he got to their door. He tried opening the door but the raging fire has already taken control of the door handle and that gave Adu burns. 

Adu shouted seven times before everyone in the commercial rented apartment came out of their room. Before neighbours could break the door with wooden mortar and pestle, Mr. Amoako and his wife Esther were all gone. They had been burnt to ashes without recognition. 

Neighbours forgot about two young ones sleeping in the other room and by the time they were able to get through to the window to save them, the fire had already spread to the living hall. Twumasi who volunteered to save the young ones received serious burns to his back and stomach. The young ones were protected from the aggressive fire whiles Twumasi suffered burns. 

The young ones as well as Twumasi were rushed to the Suntreso Hospital for emergency treatment. Twumasi couldn't survive and died last night. The young ones and the their parents who were rescued by Twumasi are all receiving treatment from the fire. The father of the children is still in surgery, doctors are certain he will make it. 

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