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Three Major Things That Helped To Expose Umoren Killer Which You Need Learn From

In Akwa Ibom, known as Iniobong Umoren, the sudden disappearance and death of a job seeker was one of the worst issues in Nigeria as many people demand justice for the case.

Suspected killer of Iniobong revealed the weapons he used in killing her  after he promised her a job

Well, there have been some successes in the case so far. Starting with the fact that Umoren's alleged assassin was identified, arrested and paraded by Uduak Akpan. Now the members of the public can match the name of the evil person. The police are also taking steps to ensure that Akpan is fully opposed to the law. People also ask Akpan to disclose his accomplices who are involved in the saga so that they can all face the consequences together. It is supposed to be done.

How I lured, killed Iniubong Umoren — Suspected Killer

While Umoren is buried amidst tears, it's good to talk about the three important things she could learn from her murderer Akpan. People must be aware of safety and take things that appear to be less serious, as things can be helpful in critical moments of need. Below are the three things which helped Akpan to disclose. 

Social media 

It was the first thing that helped Akpan to disclose. Umoren announced she was searching for social media employment. Akpan then said he had a job on the same social media for her. Akpan continued to tell people about Umoren's job offer. Finally, Akpan and Umoren are linked from social media and the majority of their chats are public.

RIPHinyHumoren - Twitter Search

Close friends of Umoren and other people in social media know all of this too. Using a so-called work interview for which Akpan invited her in Akwa Ibom, Umoren disappeared and her friends announced and trended the issue in social media. More details continued to appear until Umoren was declared dead. This drew many people's outrage online and began demanding justice both online and offline.

Why is he looking fresh?” - Nigerians react as Police parades alleged killer  Iniubong Umoren

More people became aware and involved in fighting for justice for Umoren, an orphan who just graduated and sought a job to live. Social media have also helped to shape the images of Umoren and Akpan. Those who know Akpan helped provide useful information that led to his arrest.

Stella Dimoko Missing Job Seeker Iniobong Umoren Found Raped  And Murdered.

Phone calls and call logs

Besides social media, phone calls and call logs also contributed to Akpan's exposure. The calls he and Umoren made were very useful. Most importantly, when Umoren was at risk in Akpan's house, she was able to make her last call to trouble, announcing that she was at risk. Indeed, while her friend struggled to talk to her when the girl took the call, Umoren shouted loudly.

Murdered Akwa Ibom job-seeker, Ini Umoren, emerges one of the top in her  graduating class

The phone fell off at that moment and went off. That was everything. This could have been the hit by Akpan, which led to the death of Umoren. Her friend recorded the call until then. She also shared the call to social media and helped attract public outrage, which led her to demand justice fiercely for Umoren.

BREAKING: Police parade Uduak Akpan, alleged killer of Awka Ibom job  seeker, Iniubong Umoren - OYO Gist

Again, Akpan's calls were followed up and used against him. Before and immediately after the evil act, he made calls to some people. Those people are seen as suspects who can be investigated as the case continues in the entire saga.

David Hundeyin Biography, Age, Career and Net Worth | Contents101

David Hundeyin's investigation report.

David Hundeyin is an investigative journalist affected by Umoren's assassination. He then took a serious interest in the issue and decided to investigate and expose the people behind the odd crime. In his investigation report, he made several chilling revelations on this issue that helped to expose Akpan. Hundeyin even talked about the matter to Arise TV.

You can watch it here.

From the above, people must take their social media interactions, chats and phone calls seriously. In serious cases such as this, people should also learn to connect with investigative journalists such as Hundeyin. Most importantly, people must be careful, aware of safety and talk to trusted people if they go to certain locations or go to certain things. Umoren continued to communicate with her trusted friends, and before she was brutally murdered, she tried her last call to one of her friends.

Tears flow at funeral of Iniubong Umoren, beautiful student who was r£ped  and killed while looking for a job » GhBase•com™

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