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You cannot touch me- Armed robber stops Ghana police and see what happened to him

A funny yet unexpected robbery scene at Kwabena North this morning has hit everyone talking. Not only did this robber exhibit his knowledge and right in the law but also tried to resist being touched and intimidated the police whose duties were to bring him in.

Robbers of these days are notorious and fearless and this explains why the Ghana police earlier decided to hit all robbers who were adamant and posed as a threat to the police at all occasions. These robbers engage in gun fights and try their best to take down the police by firing them down and the Ghana police is not ready for that.

At Kwabena this morning, a young man with a popular nickname Atta k was arrested by the Ghana police for breaking into people’s homes. He was earlier arrested for several thefts and robberies but always managed to come out of prison and stole again.

From sources, it came to a point where citizens only had to be careful of him and not report him anymore and that’s because you dare not report him to the police. According to citizens of Kwabenya, he’ll attack you after you have reported him and you wouldn’t want to be in this situation.

After breaking into a fitting and car dealing shop early in the morning, a shop attendant at passion automobiles called the police on him and was chased down and arrested at the spot. When he was arrested, he shouted on top of his voice saying you cannot touch me- preventing the police from hooking him like we normally see them do from behind. The Ghana police immediately knocked him down for trying to resist arrest and not being sober even in that situation.

The arrogant and onremoreseful robber has been arrested and taken to the Kwabenya central police station where he will meet his fate. The desires of the victims and people of Kwabenya are that he stays there for as long as the police can keep him because he’s one of the reasons why they don’t have their peace.

Reports indicate that he has threatened and still threatens people with weapons and embark on broad day light robber. And as a result, he needs to stay there for long because Ghanaians are not ready to encounter another version of the notorious and fearless Attaayi in Kwabenya.

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