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[VIDEO] Street Child Beggar Grasp Leg Of Passerby Just For Money

Street Children in the capital has now reached the all time high and continues to grow rapidly. With most of this kids now begging on the streets, it has become something else. You cannot even walk for a minute at stations without been confronted by one who in the midst of Covid-19 will still hold on tightly to your wrist or your hand begging for money as if their life depends on it, it does however.

It has become so prevalence that I was shocked when a brother and I were walking this morning when suddenly one child came to us asking for money from him. Noting to the child he was not carrying physical cash, the child wouldn’t listen but held on to his leg as he walk on the streets putting up a spectacle to onlookers.

This drew much attention when after so many attempts to release the leg, he continues to hold on leading to people drawing out their phones to take videos of the incident. It was so embarrassing that I had to withdraw cash to give the kid before he let go of my brother.

I have no idea the problem for the government not doing anything about this, but I suggest these kids be taken to shelters where the government will help take care of them.

Watch Video with link below.

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