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Road Accident

VIDEO: Check Out How This Taxi Somersaulted As Guys Were Trying To Display Skills During A Funeral

Sometimes you question the reason why some youths in this country display skills with cars when one of their friends passes on. This mostly occurs on Friday where they are bringing the corpse from the mortuary to the house for burial and final funeral rites. Some people explain that those actions portray how serious they are about their friend's sudden departure.

But what profit will you gain when you die through overspeeding and careless driving on such a sad occasion? It becomes a very sad day for the bereaved family when the friends conveying their friend's corpse die on the way through such a careless way.

Looking at the screenshot below, a taxi is about to somersault from careless driving. This is because this video was recorded live. It seems the person was just recording what is going on in the town as this accident happened. This was not the only car that was displaying such useless skills on the road but it appears one of the car tyres got destroyed. This led to some of the guys getting under the vehicle because they were just hanging on the windows of the taxi.

Some of the guys were also on the boot of the car. The motor following the car also got under the vehicle when the accident happened. The accident was recorded as if the person knows that it was going to happen. After it has happened, people rushed to the scene and assist the victims. No casualties were recorded on the spot but some of the victims sustained serious injuries.

The seriously injured victims were at once sent to the hospital for medical care. Some of them were just walking normally after the accident but some suggested that they should also be sent to the hospital because they can develop internal bleeding.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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