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The Rights of LGBTQ Versus Bestiality, Paedopilia and Others

The fight for certain rights that was claimed to have been hindered for so long is becoming the order of the day as these individuals are growing larger and more organised. It has been alleged that these groups have high ranking people with loads of money backing them, and so, they are making every attempt to get loose of the laws that have hindered their rights.

The issue of the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) is no longer news because they have openly identified and expressed their feelings towards their right to practice what they wish to.

One thing that is vital is that, there are many people with varied sexual orientations. There are various sexual pleasures, and currently, it is only these group that has emerged publicly demanding that the laws of Ghana should allow them to operate even as it is allowed in some other countries.

Recently, there was a story that broke out on a man called Kabo who was caught red-handed having sexual affairs with a goat. He was presented to the chief of their village and made to pay a fine.

Not all, there are cases of male children having sexual orientations towards their mothers. Some of these acts have been recorded and shamed.

Regardless of that, we can also mention those who have sexual desire for other people`s wives, paedophiles who chase after children and many more that we may not have heard about yet.

Right now, the fight we have is that of the rights of LGBTQ. If these rights should be granted them, what about that of bestiality, paedophiles, and many others? Would giving LGBTQ these rights pave the way for other people with other sexual orientations to plead for their so-called rights?

What do you think?


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