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Husband and wife relationship

A Tenant Chops The Wife Of His Landlord In Bathroom With The Pretext That He Will Buy Her Phone

A tenant has slept with his Landlord's wife in a bathroom after they agreed on a certain condition that, he will buy an Android phone for her after chopping her in the bathroom two times.

Mr. Nyarno is a landlord who revealed that he lives in a town called Afigyase Tetekaase with his wife and children. They had lived together as one big and happy family. But one successful day, he relaxed that the good attitude of her wife towards him has changed totally to the worse. Her behaviour deteriorated day by day but he didn't suspect her of doing something bad behind his back.

One day, Yaa Attaa who is the wife of the landlord, Mr. Nyarno declared to his husband that their tenant nearly slept with her in the bathroom but she refused and did not do it. Mr. Nyarno couldn't question his wife because she refused to talk to him.

Later on the landlord's wife, Yaa Attaa agreed to sleep with the tenant just because he agreed to buy her an Android phone after the act. After had enjoyed the act with the tenant, he refused to honour his part of the deal. Yaa Attaa feeling hurt and cheated, decided to complain what transpired between her and the tenant to a male friend, who later on told Yaa Attaa's husband about what her wife had done. His husband got angry and divorced her.

Mr. Nyarno told Mmrantehene Yeboah Afari on the "Asempe Nnipa show" on Sompa Tv and radio station.

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