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Road Accident

Achimota Police Hunt 'Strange Man' who was caught on camera breaking three laws

Achimota Police Hunt 'Strange Man' who was caught on camera breaking three laws

The police are probing into how a strange man from nowhere was able to break three laws that could have caused chaos on the main road. The strange man who was seen on camera wearing a baseball red cap, khaki shorts and grey neck top, was seen breaking tough police laws which could be caused a fatal accident on the Achimota main toad yesterday. The Achimota main road is the only highway road that links Accra to Amasaman and its surroundings. It is used by almost every car which is coming or going out of Accra. The road is a double two dual carriage road for the main road and two dual carriage down the road which is used by trotro and nearby towns like Dome, ABC, Mile 7, Tantra and the rest. 

It was with this same dual carriage roads with eight roads in total, that the unidentified man crossed. Going to Nsawam, after the ABC junction was where the young man was seen crossing the busy road whiles there was a footbridge which was approximately 100metres away. Instead of the strange man using the footbridge which was few feet ahead, he went on to the eight in total road crossing from one road to the other until he got to the end of the road, which was the ABC Junction. His actions could have caused an accident, death, and destruction of properties. 

The strange man's face could not be seen because of the baseball cap he was wearing. The police of Achimota is pleading with the public if anyone who knows the man should help the police with investigations by giving out information that could lead to his whereabouts. Anyone with such information should call the police emergency hotline or walk into the Achimota police branch on the area of Tesano highway. The police are firm in prosecuting the case in other to set a warning to others who might try and do the same thing, before a calamity sets upon drivers using the road. The road is not for pedestrians or passengers to cross because it is a dual carriage road and there are footbridges spread across for pedestrians and other people to use, when they want to cross the road. 

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