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VIDEO: Guys Wake Up At Dawn To See An Old Woman On Their Roof

An old woman has scared the hell out of some young guys. Checking the facial expression of this woman, she might be between the ages of 50 to 60 years. The people living in a community became surprised to wake up at dawn to see a woman on a neighbours' roof. There was no ladder on the side of the building to show that she climbed the building with it.

The guys asked the woman to get down from the roof but she refused. From the roof to the ground is not all that tall but considering her age, she might probably get hurt if she jump. The people in the area asked the woman how she was able to climb to the rooftop but she didn't mind. They also asked her where she comes from but she didn't respond.

Checking the video very well, the old woman was afraid of the people. This is because all attempts to convince her to get off the roof rather propelled her to stay on it. In view of this, some of the people who came around said that this woman is a witch. She was probably on an assignment to destroy someone's life but the Holy Ghost arrested her.

The guys were heard in the video using the blood of Jesus against the woman on the rooftop but still, she refused to come down. They asked for a ladder so that someone can bring her down but couldn't get some. Some said that it is better the call the Police to come and solve the situation. Whiles some believe that the woman is a witch, others said that this could also be a mental illness. But yet still, how she managed to get to the rooftop without a ladder or any object seems strange.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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