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Suspected "Sakawah" Guys Caught Bathing In Cemetery With Red Cloth Around Their waist

Greater number of Ghanaians can attest to the fact that rituals for money popularly known locally as "Sika Duro" or "Sakawa" has been with us since the days of old and beyond. When did TVs come to Africa? That TV and "Kumawood" are promoting "Sika Duro" is laughable. Rather, it is Art imitating life. One of the first mysteries one learns as a kid is the mystery of "Sika Duro" no matter how absurd the concept is.

Some of our fake pastors are even involved in "Sika-Duro". They call it "seed money." After all, there is only one formula for wealth and that is money used to buy Commodity or transact business. Everything else is "Sika Duro" that is Fraud. Nor does anyone need TV directions to get to Nkoranza or Sogakope; places believed to be infested with money rituals.

Thus, it would be wrong for the State to regulate the contents on our TVs. Let us raise our kids well and we won't have to worry about the State raising them for us. Rather, the State should concentrate on creating jobs for the youth. Or the State should go to Nkoranza and Sogakope and other hotspots and arrest all the "juju" men, put them out of business.

These so called magicians order their clients to kill people in cold blood to sacrifice their blood for money rituals. Sacrifice of someone's blood in order to get rich is becoming the order of the day. They ask them to buy bags, red candles, raw egg and red cloth and some other items which they buy immediately.

Some bizarre practices are instructed like covering your waist with red cloth and bathing at cemetery to attract huge cash. This is what these guys were caught exactly doing. They were bathing at a cemetery and going round the grave reciting some words. "Sakawah" is real.

You can watch the full video here.

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