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Road Accident

[Instant Death]: Three(3) persons confirmed dead in Kasoa - Adom News drops details

Another wonderful section with Adom TV 3y3 Adzo ye is here again. The news this evening was presented by one of their finest female broadcasters. Her cute face with her perfect Nose mask is one of the great attribute we have identified with her gorgeous appearance on the TV set as she dived into various issues that are kept in their custody to be released to Ghanaians.

Of-course the presentation was fantastic however, the terrible death which had just occured in Kasoa this evening seems to be one of the sad news which nearly interrupted with the good mood we were enjoying as the news was in section.

It was confirmed by the presenter today 21st June 2021 about how 3 persons lost their life's in Kasoa as a result of a gory car accident.

According to the news, a Salon Car was crashed on Asabaham on the Kasoa to Amasaman road. 3 people's died instantly on the spot and no doubt about it.

This is very sad for such instant death to occured. Let me mindful with the way we drive on the road.

Use the link to watch more details from Adom Kase3 B) on Facebook.

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