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In Nigeria, a suspected thief was caught while trying to steal a car from a church.(Photos)

For car owners who can't sleep or rest with one eye open, the rate of robberies in different parts of Nigeria is a disturbing pandemic.

According to statistics, 85 to 90 percent of stolen cars in Nigeria and 60 percent of stolen cars in neighboring African countries are either fully (Direct Belgium or as Tokumbo) or partially sold back in Nigeria, meaning that Nigeria is a lucrative market for stolen vehicles.

This has been a decent source of illicit income for these car thieves, but several have failed due to today's car tracking technology, and theft continues to be rampant.

On Sunday, April 24, a suspected car thief was apprehended attempting to steal a Toyota Camry from a church in Afaha Oku, Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom.

The suspect was apprehended, severely bruised, and turned over to the cops, but he was able to unlock the car using a master key. It was discovered.

Robbery suspected while attempting to steal a car from an Akwa Ibom church

The eyewitness, Oduononwi Abidiak, claims the car belongs to a visitor who came for a children's dedication service. His report is as follows:

"At Christ Afaha Oku's Hill Top Church in Uyo, God demonstrates His majesty by putting the Divine to shame.

"The photos show a young man who almost hid with a Toyota Camry from a visitor to the HillTop Church of Christ, Afaha Oku, while serving as a child. He was apprehended after successfully opening the car with a master key and attempting to drive away.

"He was attacked by the group's youth, who hit him and burned him nearly to death if it hadn't been for the church's intervention, which notified Nigerian police officers. In Nigeria, he was handed over to the police. To God's honor, he was disappointed."

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