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Rise In Fraud And Killings, Are The Police To Be Blamed?, Any Solutions: Check Out Some Details

Fraud is intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right

Killing is the act of one that kills. Fraud and killing are one of the two major crimes happening in societies day in day out. Notwithstanding that police and securities are there to ensure peace and order for the safety of citizens but the crime rate of fraud and killings in the societies are getting out of hand, as such individuals who are involved in such unhealthy and ungodly act are seems to be experts in their doing with the aid of modern technological weapons and tools.

So many innocent lives are being loss due to fraud and killings. Business men and women are now leaving in fear of attack and killing from the evil doers.

Notable among the victims of fraud and killings are mobile money vendors, mobile money users, store keepers and owners, taxes drivers and transport workers, rich men's etc.

Furthermore, there are numerous causes of such tragerious act which includes the increased rate of unemployment among youth and graduates from tertiary institutions.

Poverty in the country, pressure among the youth as the influence from friends and others which pushes them to get rich quick etc.

Therefore, the solution to fraud and killings in the country are; enforcing the security systems in the country and providing the security personnel with better tools and weapons to help fight against such crimes.

Proper enforcement of law and order to help reduce its Rates.

Mass education among individuals in the community, this will help communities members to assist the police in fraud and killings by reporting suspected criminals to the police.

The government should help provide more jobs and employment for the youths especially graduates from tertiary institutions. This will go a long way to reduce criminal rates in the country.

The police should however, confiscate any illegal weapons among the youth such as pestle guns etc. These weapons are the main aids for criminals in such acts

The country or government should ensure that peoples should avoid the licensing and selling of guns in the country.

What are the major causes of fraud and killings?, is it unemployment?, are the police or government to be blamed about it as the situation is getting out of hand?

Please kindly leave your comments and opinions for all.

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