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The sad end of a troublesome tenant

Madam Paulina Yanfua is a tenant in a compound house of three rooms; one Which madam Paulina lives in, then the other room lives the landlady and the last one lives a family member of the landlady.

Madam Paulina has two normal children and one physically challenged daughter making three children in all.

What this woman does, is always creating confusion between the landlady and her family member by passing wrong information about matters concerning the house to both of them. One fact about her is that, the moment she create confusion and the problem is solved, she will never accept her fault but rather be in loggerhead with the victim. This has been her attitude ever since she joined the two families.

One Saturday morning, madam Paulina traveled to the central region for a funeral with her normal children leaving the physically challenged daughter. Since she wasn't in good terms with the other tenants, she did not leave any notice about her other child and left.

On that same day, the landlady and her family member also travelled to one of the regions in Ghana.

The troublesome woman spend two days and on her return, she met no one in the house except her daughter lying flat on the floor naked with her eyes closed. The moment she found her daughter dead, she begun to weep uncontrollably.

Finally, she had to go and report to a nearby police station and she was arrested after all.

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Paulina Yanfua


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