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A Man Tearfully Narrates What His Wife Did After He Had Accident

A 54 years old man from Adumasa in Asante-Akim reveals his heartbreaking story about what he has gone through after he had an accident. According to the man, he travelled to Còte d'Ivoire in search of a job, he started trading which earned a lot of money on daily basis.

He got married to the woman he loved most and was blessed with two children. One day, the man was involved in a terrible accident on his way to his workplace, he got injuries to his spinal cord. The man was admitted to the hospital for some time for treatment, he was then discharged from the hospital after he recovered from the injuries.

A few months after he came back home, he started experiencing waist and body pains. He couldn't sleep and had to cry throughout the night due to the pains he had been experiencing. This condition made him to come back to his home town in Kumasi. The man said his family members help him a lot, they sent him to Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The doctors examined him and they requested an amount of money before surgery will be done on his spinal cord. The unfortunate thing was that they were not able to get that amount of money for his surgery. The man came back home without getting any treatment, his sister again sent him to a different herbalist to help him with the pains he was going through.

The man continued that his wife abandoned him and left with their two after he had an accident. He also said his sister who was providing him with all his basic needs after his wife left too is also sick. This condition has made him spend all the money he had, now it is very hard for him to even get food to eat, sometimes he has to sleep with empty stomach whiles experiencing those pains.

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Adumasa Asante-Akim Còte d'Ivoire Kumasi


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