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FUNNY: Bank Management "upgrades" a homeless man.

Everyday brings its own wahala. Some can be extremely funny, and still give several life lessons. If you haven't either laughed or learnt today, I'm giving you the chance to achieve both.

In France, a homeless man had been pictured lodging on the side of a branch of Caisse D'Epargne, French premier savings bank. 

The workers and customers didn't appreciate his stay, so the managers did something about the situation. They built stanchions to cover the entire front space. No space was left to accommodate any homeless person around the bank. It seemed like problem solved. Little did they know it was a blessing in disguise.

The man saw the gesture as an upgrade, not a scare. He got himself a mattress. Look how comfortable he became in the picture below.

As funny as it may seem, you can think of a lot of life lessons. Just laugh first. Then, think about it.

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