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[Video] IGP Must See This, This Is Inhumane: Alleged Thief Tied To Aboboyaa & dragged on the street

This is insane and inhumane. How can a fellow human be treated like this. In this modern era and time, things beyond the imagination of the mind happen day in and day out. Granted, we are in the last days of this present system of things, but we just can't understand why a fellow should be treated like this.

If for any case, the law court is the only avenue for justice and not mob justice or instant justice. It's the 21st century.

A worrying video is making waves on the social media landscape. An alleged thief, or what ever his crimes are, is seen tied to an Aboboyaa and dragged across the street. Onlookers were shocked and stood in disbelief, but that meant nothing to these guys, who had taken the law into thier hands at the time.

We currently do not know when and where this video was recorded, but it's right here in Ghana because you could hear people speaking the local twi dialect in the background as the incident happened.

We also don't know the current state of the alleged thief and his where about, neither the perpetrators of such crimes.

We know the police and law enforcement agencies are going to act swiftly so get to the root of this incident.

Once again, we ask, what were his crimes, what did he do? Are there laws in this country at all? If, yes, then the law must take it course. All the perpetrators of this heinous act have also committed crimes and must be brought to book.

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