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Four Young Men Arrested For Allegedly 'Gang Raping' A 25-Year-Old Lady At Gomoa Dominase

Four young Ghanaian men have allegedly raped a woman at Gomoa Dominase in the Central Region, and Ghanaians after coming across this video couldn't keep mute over it. Reports indicate that this young lady (name withheld for security reasons) is years old and a resident of Goamoa Dominase. She is a lady who is heavily endowed with a huge backside and breasts. As a result of this, a lot of guys in the village want her as their girlfriend.

However, three young men in the village planned to sleep with her by force since she has rejected their proposal on several occasion. These three young men are Kweku Derrick (19 years of age), Ramsey (24 years of age) and Joe Maa Sugar (21 years of age). Because they have tried everything they can to sleep with this lady and she has refused, they decided to call their friend, Nicholas (24 years of age) who lives in Accra. Nicholas is from Gomoa Dominase but works in Accra.

They told Nicholas that they have tried everything possible to sleep with this lady but she has rejected them on several occasions so he should propose to her so that they all sleep with her. Kweku Derrick, Ramsey and Joe gave the lady's mobile number to Nicholas. Nicholas called the lady and told the lady that he loves her and the lady accepted his proposal. She probably accepted because Nicholas lives in Accra.

So the three guys got a room for Nicholas in Gomoa Dominase to come so that they have fun with this lady. Reports indicate that these three guys took care of Nicholas' expenses. Nicholas finally made it to Gomoa Dominase and he was the first person to sleep with the lady. After Nicholas, Ramsey take over the mantle and slept with the lady. The lady said she was struggling with them but they were so strong and aggressive. She tried to shout but the guys were loudly playing music in the room.

After Ramsey, Kweku Derrick also went to sleep with the lady. He went in for a by-force 'doggy' style so if you watch the video, the lady has got some wounds on her ankle. Finally, Joe also went into the room and slept with the lady. At that time, the lady was very weak. If you observe the video, you can see that the lady cannot walk properly. After day break, the lady went to Dominase divisional police station to report the case. The police searched for the boys and arrested all of them. The suspects are now in the Kasoa police cell.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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