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The Scary Case Of Bank Employee Involvement In Fraud To Steal From Depositors

I do not know how many bank account holders read the bank of Ghana report where it states that about half of fraud cases that were reported had the employees of the affected bank as an accomplice in the fraud case. What these mean is that the teller or the accountant at your bank might be helping someone to steal your money or defraud you. As scary as this may sound to bank account holders, this is the hard truth.

Whilst bank fraud may not be a new thing, the fact that more bank employees are getting involved in this kind of phenomenon should not be a surprise to anyone because it's largely a reflection of the times we find ourselves in.

However, the banks can do more to help their employees in other to try and reduce this phenomenon. Most bank employees engage in fraud in other to earn more money and make ends meet. Generally, the salary level of most bank employees is not enough. The bank can therefore assist employees to engage in side hustles or own businesses that they can engage in outside working hours. In these days of internet technology, there are many internet-based side hustles that bank employees can be assisted in terms of capital to engage in

The banks can also consider engaging in providing the basic needs of employees like accommodation or housing in a way that can hold the bank employee more accountable to his job. For example, the bank can help employees to acquired mortgage homes and maybe assist in helping employees to get rented accommodation whilst loans are deducted from their salaries or bonuses to cover these mortgages or rented apartments

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