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Road Accident

Reason the word 'Ambulance' is spelt backwards on the front of Ambulance cars

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The fastest way to carry a patient to the hospital is to use the Ambulance. The Ambulance has saved a lot of lives and it is still saving more. 

In front of every Ambulance vehicle, there is an inscription which reads 'ECNALUBMA'. 

This is the exact spelling of an Ambulance but changes in the spelling. Let is find out why?

Whenever Ambulances move on the highways, they expect or it is expected of every driver to move by the side of the road for the Ambulance car to pass.

One way for a driver to know that an Ambulance is right behind his vehicle is to use his or her vehicle's driving mirror. When the driver looks in it and sees the Ambulance from the mirror, the correct spelling of the Ambulance will show in the driving mirror as if the driver was looking at it directly.

This is the main reason why the writings on an Ambulance car is written upside down.

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