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You Know Guns Are A Last Resort In Policing, Not The First: Oliver Baker Brilliantly Advices IGP

A lot of time, I find that when discussing public issues, a lot of folks are unable to process two equally valid issues. I always say we can walk and chew gum. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

For the umpteenth time, the Ghana Police Service has breached school premises carrying guns. The last time, they went to shoot at a high school of 14-17-year-olds. None of these students were armed.

The IGP went to the Islamic High School and danced around. Walked a mile like a man on a campaign tour. When he came back, they made an incident report to the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior. The Committee found that the police had lied to it in the report. 

Guess what happened, nothing. No one resigned over lying to Parliament. We just moved on as if nothing happened. Do we understand the gravity of that? 

We fix the country and continue to draw attention to the real violence of guns in our democracy.

We continue to show you how violence has been so normalized that no one seems to find it strange that our law enforcement says it cannot go into a high school, or a university to police crowds or restore calm without carrying lethal weapons.

To do what? Kill unarmed children, because they refused a police command?

I believe in a democracy where guns are not used to herd us around like cattle. Where our lives are not treated without meaning. Where policing culture advances our humanity. That death isn’t treated as business as usual. 

Do we understand the psychological effect of children seeing their Government send guns to their schools to show them that if “you fool, we will kill you”? 

But because we have so normalized our oppression, so many of you have accepted police Guns around you as that’s how life should be lived.

And so when the police enter a University Campus heavily armed, hands on the trigger without an active shooter situation; people are like oh yeah, these university students should be shown where power lies. 

Guns are a last resort in policing, not the first. And the fact that vandals “are charging” inside their hall to express displeasure with a decision of University authorities; it makes absolutely zero sense in any democracy to send in heavily armed police officers.

If the University can call hired guns on its students, it is morally bankrupt as a place of higher learning. 

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