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Girls Aged 10 And 12 Invade An NGO Warehouses With Knives To Rob In Broad Day Light [Video Attached]

Three girls aged 10, 11, and twelve invaded the premises of a Non Governmental Organization Samaritan Purse broad day light with knives to steal children's Bibles and toys from a christian NGO.

In a viral video shared by a worker from the NGO admonishing the public, the three young girls confessed cutting the wire mesh with the knives until they had access to the room. 

One of them who is very slim then enters the bulgar proof tiny Windows to bring the goodies out as two of them parked it in a sack.

Luck however eluded them when they were caught. The slim one among them confessed as the leader who entered the ware house to pick the items through the windows.

After they were caught, they were made to act exactly how they orchestrated their Plans as the Samaritan Purse coordinators recorded them and shared on Facebook.

The Samaritan Purse worker admonished the public especially those who use that kind of burglar proof to have additional security.

They made no mention of sending them to the Police or giving them any punishment.

Check out the photos and video below

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