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Menace of Armed Robbery In Ghana

Not a single day passes without one reading from the dailies or hearing on the airwaves about one person or a group of persons menacingly taking another person's property with the use of weapon.this used to be the sacrifice in the the urban centers such as Accra, Cape coast and kumasi. 

What we see and hear across the length and breadth of Ghana today is an apology of life in the countryside . This nefarious act has been extended to the highways and even the village. Only God knows their real motives.

A few reasons can, however, be mentioned here foremost, unemployment is used as an excuse for attacking a person for his or property.Many Ghanians in the working bracket are without jobs. Some one must at all cost survive and as the saying goes ‘‘The devil finds work for idle hands’’, they are chosen for the work

Some perpetrators feel they must look important in society{the flash Harry}.To achieve this feat they use arms to scarce and prevent their victims from standing on their way of becoming rich. Wrongly the unemployed tend to blame the society for their plight and shamelessly turn round to indulge in acts of criminality and lawlessness.

The result of this act is fatal, it is argued in some quarters that the indiscriminate military training offered Ghanians in the days of the revolution is a major cause. Arms have gone into the wrong hands and since they know how to handle it, they often use it as nefarious and despicable things.

Drug abuse addiction is another. The youth’s indulgence in drugs tends to deaden their conscience and make them prone to committing any crime such as armed robbery. Given the monetary rewards robbery promises it seems to be very attractive to them.

This menace must stop.To do so it is thought that the government must take the lead, to take the bull by the horns. The government must live up to its responsibility of creating jobs for the jobless.

clearly, the assistance must call from all and sundry; the government, society and the police itself.All hands must be on deck for peace and order to prevail in Ghana 

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