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God will bless her: see what this woman did for a blind woman and her husband

Some people on this earth were brought here for a very specific reason, and one of those reasons is to assist those who are in desperate need. Some of these extraordinary individuals cannot stand or live in a world where people suffer, so they will go to any length to ensure that things go in the correct way for some people.

Asilgya Nimatu Vhanessa, the founder of SHE4G Foundation, is one of these exceptional people who has been sent to this world to aid others. She gave Awo Lawer, a visually handicapped woman, and her husband a new lamp, as well as bathing and food necessities.

She gave the products to a couple who live in a hamlet in Ghana's Eastern Region's Upper Manya Krobo District. When Vhanessa went on a mop-up activity in one of the Upper Manya Krobo District's sub-districts, she learned about Awo Lawer's need for a lantern.

And I quote, ''I was privileged to do a mop up exercise in my sub-district of the upper Manya Krobo district and I had the opportunity to interact with the community members"

''One out of the amazing scenes of yesterday; I met an elderly woman called Awo Lawer who was blind, very calm, and she lives in a house with a man in his 70+"

Awo Lawer requested a lantern to aid her mobility because they don't have any light, according to Vhanessa. Vhanessa recalled how she felt when she returned to the woman and handed over the lamp, bathing items, and food items in a Facebook message.

And I quote, ''I’m completely speechless today soaked with tears and fulfilled that I got the opportunity to make this woman happy and full of tears of joy,''

''I actually got the Lamp/lantern [she] requested when I passed through her house to register her for the mosquito nets distribution. Thank you, Mr anonymous and madam Jane Agyei-Mintah for making this possible,'' she added.

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