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Suale's second wife claims that he has abandoned her and their children; Anas speaks up

The anas aremeyaw anas investigated organization located in Accra, tiger eye pi, has issued a statement regarding the alleged of our dead colleague Ahmed suale's second wife and family.

According to the press release, the tiger eye pi organization made a lump-sum payment to the family in the presence of Ahmed Suale's two wives, and the money was distributed equally, and the women were settled.

It goes on to say that the business obtained a business investment for the TV wise to put a portion of their lump payment to provide for themselves eventually.

The declaration in point 6 indicated unequivocally that the organization assumed responsibility for all four children and has paid for them to date pays for the children's education, a claim that contradicts Suale's second wife's prior report.

The investigation team claims to be working around the clock and has promised to bring ahmed Suale's killers to justice.

It came to a conclusion that Ahmed's family would always be a part of the tiger family.

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Ahmed Anas Suale


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