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Theft robbery

19 - years boy was caught stealing cow

A young boy who is lazy and do not like working because he taught everything was easy. The 19- years was caught stealing from an old man oposite them. 

The reason why he was caught stealing the cow because he was going to use it for money ritural. Because his friends in that money ritural and now they are millionaires, this encourage him to also join them. He has been sent to court and he was given 2 -years in prison for such action. 

This was reported on Wednesday 31st March 2021.

This boy was beaten and he almost died before the police men arrived for his rescue before sent to prison. The boy's parent have no idea of what was going on to their son.

All what they knew was their son was sent to prison for 2- good years. So the boy's parent were not happy for the imprisonment of their son. The were rather insulting the judge for doing wrong thing to their son. Later on they were informed about what their son did and what he is capable of.

Please follow up for more update. 

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