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10 Dangerous Foods We Should Be Careful With Before Putting It In Our Mouth

Whenever you set out to be a little healthier, you go to the supermarket in search of healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit and other products that can help you achieve your purpose.

But everything that glitters is not always gold and, according to some studies, there are certain foods with which we should be careful as they could damage your body little by little.

Foods that can harm your body.

1 Lettuce

It is one of the foods that causes the most food poisoning . It is very important that you wash the lettuce very well before eating it, even if it comes perfectly packaged and ready to eat.

2- Chicken

Chicken contains a bacteria that with a single drop is capable of causing gastroenteritis. We recommend that you try to handle the chicken as little as possible after washing it and that the utensils you use to cut it wash with boiling water.

3 Eggs

Children and the elderly can be the most affected by salmonella . Wash the eggshells well and prevent you from ending up with fever, vomiting and abdominal pain from this infection.

4- Cheese

There are microorganisms that cause poisoning and can penetrate the cheese, although it does not harm you as such. If one type of cheese suits you, try not to change and stay true to that brand.

5- Tuna

When thawing the tuna, try not to let it air. Move it directly from the freezer to the fridge as a toxic protein can form, causing a skin rash and general discomfort .

6- Sausages

In general, all meat is susceptible to being infected by some bacteria , but sausages are more so. If they become infected, they can cause problems with your nervous system or cause meningitis.

7- Seafood

Special care must be taken with these foods because sanitary standards and cold chains are not always respected . Try to buy it very fresh at your trusted fishmonger or frozen.

8- Soft drinks

A can of regular soda can contain about 10 tablespoons of sugar in addition to other substances that do not benefit you at all.

9- Margarine

Although it has less cholesterol and saturated fat than butter, it is high in salt and trans fats that do not benefit the body if you take it too frequently. Substitute it for the olive oil.

10- Canned tomato

This canned food has many negative secrets inside as it is capable of increasing the risk of suffering from some types of cancer .

Did you know the negative effects of these foods? Do you have a healthy and balanced diet?

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