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Man Revealed What He Saw Under The Bed In A Hotel He Paid For

A young man has lamented over what he saw under the bed in a hotel that he paid for him to have a good sleep. According to a video making the rounds on social media, a man has raised an alarm about what he saw and the horrible experience he encountered after spending so much money to book a hotel room.

A young man can be heard moaning in a video published by a well-known blogger, lamenting his horrible experience after spending so much booking a hotel room only to find out it was dirty and odorous and the hotel management refused to refund him, insisting he sleep in the dirty room.

He claimed he provided someone money to book a good hotel room for him to spend the night, but when he arrived at the hotel, he was unsatisfied with the rooms and requested a refund, which the hotel management refused to do. 

The young man finally made up his mind to sleep in one of the rooms. As the man lay in bed, he noticed a foul odor emanating from the bed. He was very bothered, so he removed the foam and checked under the bed to see where the horrible smell was coming from. When he went to check under the bed, he was shocked to see how dirty and unkempt it was.

He was very hurt to have spent so much money to sleep in a dirty room. You can see how dirty the room is in the photos below. If you were to be him, would you get the manager arrested? What would you do? 

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