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A Guy Caught Red-handed Doing It With His Fellow Male Counterpart.

Same-sex sexual demonstrations between guys are illicit in Ghana, and LGBT rights are intensely smothered. Most of Ghana's populace hold against LGBT assessments. Physical and fierce homophobic assaults against LGBT individuals are normal and are frequently empowered by the media and strict and political pioneers. On occasion, government authorities, like police, participate in such demonstrations of savagery. Reports of youthful gay individuals being kicked out of their homes are likewise normal, just as reports of transformation treatment happening across Ghana. 

The argument on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) rights in the country, is still on…and even getting hotter as many more notable people add the voices to the topic.

Since this issue came about, Ghanaians have been waiting on the government to say something about it. Well, the president has spoken. During the installation of the second Archbishop of the Anglican church of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo made a remark that, same sex marriage will never be legalized in Ghana, not under his watch or governance.

However, some people in the country secretly engage themselves in the act for reasons best known to them.

A young guy by name Patrick Job Asama from Ayigbe tribe is caught red handed in the act with his fellow male counterpart.

According to Ibrahim Bawah an eye witness, speaking to Adom FM on Thursday March 11 2021 these two guys is done with the gay act and was heading home, Patrick was neatly dressed like a female. The other guy disappeared on the spot immediately Ibrahim raised an alarmed on them.

Patrick's denied the fact of being a male when he was asked by the mob who was eager to Lynch him to death.

They peacefully handed him over to police at Kasoa police. The policemen strip off his clothes and discovered female beads on his waist and pads under his manhood.

According to Kasoa police superintendent Samuel Odame speaking to Adom FM Patrick Job is currently in the police custody to the law as the practices is not legalized in Ghana as some countries do. He also urged the general public desist from the act.

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