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Man dashed a lady coconut because of her huge backside.

Coconut is one of the most nutritional fruit in the world. It is also rated one of the most useful trees in the world, and one among the five Devavrikshas (God’s trees) known in India, providing food for millions, especially in the tropics.

The multiplicity and versatility of uses of coconut tree can be best judged by an Indonesian saying: “There are as many uses for the coconut as there are days in the year.” Around 83 functional uses of various parts of coconut listed range from food to stuffing of coir in pillows, preparation of beds, ropes, mats, utensils of daily use such as spoons, drainers, brooms, chains, toddy drawers, door mats, floor mats, musical instruments, furniture, cots, rosary boxes, brush, fuel, scoops, containers, oil bottles, toothbrushes, hooka bases, neck belts and blinds for bulls used for plowing and oil crushing, cricket bats, and various types of children’s toys.

Pictures circulating on instagram shows a coconut seller who dashed a lady free coconuts without receiving a penny. It is alleged that the man gave the coconut to the lady because of his admiration of her huge backside. Check out pictures of the incident where the coconut seller was dashing the coconut to the curvy lady for free.

If it were to be you, would you have dash your coconut to a lady because of her curves. Let me know your thoughts on the comments section.

Source: instagram

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