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Road Accident

Overwhelming accidents: Check Out the 3 major causes of accidents on our roads in Ghana

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The overwhelming number of accidents on our roads in the first quarter of 2020 & 2021 is a heartbreaking matter. From January to October 2020, more than 12,100 accidents occurred in the country resulting in over 2,080 fatalities. In the first quarter of this year, more than 50 accidents have been witnessed, causing over 300 fatalities. This is really pathetic. Precious lives are lost in these rampant road accidents.The whole country is in shock every now and then due to unexpected accident news from all part of the country. The most important question on the lip of every Ghanaian is what are the main causes of these accidents and how can it be reduced?

This short article will look at some two major causes of road accidents in Ghana. Lets set the ball rolling.

(1) Over speeding and wrongful overtaking.

Most drivers on our roads do not abide by road signs and regulations. There are speed limits on various stretches of our roads. Curves, mountains, bridges, highways etc have specific speed limits written on signpost to give drivers fair idea of how to drive when they reach these points. But the problem is that, most drivers are fond of over speeding which results in frequent accidents.

Another problem is wrongful overtaking. Most drivers cause accident through wrongful overtaking. The recent deadly accident between VIP bus and another bus which killed 20 passengers at Akyem Asafo was due to wrongful overtaking by the Bus from Accra per the police report.

(2) Lack of traffic logistics to detect overtaking and overspeeding on the roads.

There are no adequate traffic equipments to catch drivers who violate overspeeding and overtaking rules. The police must wait at various checkpoints to arrest drivers who violate traffic regulations and punished them accordingly. This will deter other drivers from doing same. CCTV cameras must also be erected at various places to take notice of these drivers whose actions are likely to cause accidents.

(3) Spiritual Factors.

In Ghana most people believe that, unseen forces of darkness could cause accidents by erecting spiritual barriers on the road to cause these accidents. Whether it is true or not, only God knows. Since we have no physical evidence to support this point, what can be done is to pray in your head as soon as we enter a passenger vehicle to ask God's protection against unexpected accidents.

These are some major causes of accidents on our roads in the country.

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