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I Know The Law: Armed Robber Challenges Angry Mob For Punishing Him With Unthinkable Task

File image (Police and civilians at crime scene)

It is only the law court that is permitted to punish anyone who goes contrary to the laws of the country. The offenses of those who break the laws determine what should happen to them as punishment. However, some Ghanaians have over the years failed to take criminals to the police station for the laws to deal with them but instead resort to mob justice.

In spite of all these punishments, armed robbers and other criminals have not stopped their operations. One of them has been arrested red-handed at Kwaabadu, a community in the Tarkwa Nsuem Municipality of the western region of Ghana. He moved from one room after the other with weapons and decided to rob them of their properties. His operation was deep in the night and he succeeded in robbing people of their monies and other belongings.

He came with a vehicle and loaded blenders, home theaters, mobile phones, and many others. He had finished his operation smoothly and was ready to leave the scene when a volunteer community watch group tactfully grabbed him whilst he was ready to move with the goodies. Matters became worse when the angry mob decided to punish him even before the police will arrive at the scene.

They unloaded all the items from the vehicle, took back the stolen monies, and drove him straight to the public toilet in the community. It has ten seats for males and another ten set for females. The place was dirty and he was asked to clean everywhere. Looking at how dirty the place is, the armed robber whose name has been given as George asked the angry mob to rather take him to the police station because the law does not permit armed robbers or criminals to clean a public toilet as punishment.

He tried to challenge the angry mob that he knew the law but they started beating him and that forced him to begin cleaning. His knowledge of the law came to a standstill and had no other option than to clean. He could be seen cleaning one place after the other. The angry youth made sure that everywhere was cleaned, they later gave him a machete to weed the environment of the facility.

After the punishment, he was asked to leave. He was told to go and report himself to the police station if he thinks that the law can be applied to him there. It is still unknown if he went to the police station or not. What the community members did must be condemned by all because it is the duty of the police to arrest and not civilians.

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