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Three Drug Dealers Caught By Loading Drugs In A Truck From Kumasi To Another Town To Sell.

Nowadays our youths need quick money and in that case they engage themselves into many ways which they can make money easier and faster which in that case leads them into many negative situations.

According to report, early this morning a truck which was loaded with hard was caught on their way to another town to start their business there.

It was reported that the drug dealers kept the hard drugs in the truck by hiding them inside books to make it look like they were books dealers not knowing they were drug dealers.

It was noted that one police offer stopped the car on their way and opened one box filled with book and the police removed one book and flipped it through and luckily one bundle of weed fell out from the book which they inspected all the book and found about 100bundles of weeds.

The three guys tried to bribe the police but they refused and they were arrested by the police.

It was stated that their ages ranges from 20_27years.

The three young Gus stated that, the business they also do to support their living is the drugs business which they gain a lot from it.

They insisted that they did the business for about 3years now.

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