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29-Year-Old Man Pens Emotional Message To His Wife Before Committing Suicide

A 29-year old man commits suicide leaving behind a distressing note to wife after the two had a small domestic disagreement.

According to reports, his wife had threatened to leave him before but he persuaded her not to. After the argument, the woman reportedly packed her bags and went back to live with her parents.

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When the 29-year-old man's wife decided to leave him, he was devastated. Later that night, he wrote an emotional text message to his estranged wife telling her that she had left the world for him.

It was a woman. As a result of his statements, the woman attempted to call her husband to encourage him not to kill himself but her phone went unanswered.

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The woman and the deceased brother are alleged to have returned the following morning to check on Brayo, only to discover his lifeless body on the bed. According to reports, Brayo ingested a toxin that instantaneously killed him. The body of the dead has been transported to the mortuary.

He could not endure the pain of being abandoned by his wife thus decided to end his life by taking poison. Do you think the woman should be held responsible for her husband's death?

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