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Should Nana Addo Not Fix Ghana Because There is Flooding At America: Social Media Reacts

A woman can be seen weeping, carrying two children in her arms as she tries to cross the water that was all over the street. The only reason you can know that it is a street is the fact that a car can be seen parked nearby. But who knows whether it is simply a compound.

Flooding is one natural disaster that destroys homes and property. When this happens, many people become homeless and they need to rely on friends and neighbours for their daily needs, at least for some time.

This flooding that has taken place in the New York City of America is one of a kind. Reports have it that more than forty individuals have lost their lives. America is a large country with many states. Almost every year, mention is made of some natural disaster that befalls them in a particular state of America.

In the image below, one can see that these two mothers started moving away, but we can only see one mother now, carrying the child of the mother that was first ahead and her own child that she was carrying before. What could have happened is what we do not know. So are some of the things that happen when such natural disasters happen. We can only ask for God's mercy for them.

Ghanaians have deliberated on the issue of flooding at America on social media and many have expressed their opinions on the natural disaster.

In the comments above, a Facebook user tries to distinguish between a hurricane and a flood. Most Ghanaians seem to say that this kind of flood do occur at America and not Ghana alone. This comment Wysopera believes was written by the user purposely to those with that view to see the difference in the disaster that takes place in Ghana as compared to that of America.

Also, in the comments above, a user tries to bring it to the notice of those that think that Ghanaians do complain about floods in Ghana that the fact that flooding does occur at America does not mean that they should not mount pressure on Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to fix Ghana. Others believe that many would have lost their lives should the flood occur in Ghana.

Do you think that there is any correlation between fixing the country and the flooding at America?



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