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Lebanese Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill A Ghanaian Businessman.

A Lebanese man, who appears to be in good mind and form attacked a Ghanaian business entrepreneur at Dzorwulu over that days. The Lebanese identified as Osman sells Knives at the Dzorwulu traffic light.

According to reports, Osman packs his car in front of a store complex to showcase his cutting accessories. He then moves into the traffic to advertise and sell them. This was when this Ghanaian entrepreneur called attention of the Lebanese; Osman to come move his car since it is affecting his business. It is noticeable that, most store complexes in Accra have demarcated parking spots in front of each store. This was where Osman had parked his car.

Osman then informed the Ghanaian entrepreneur that he has nowhere to park. The Ghanaian entrepreneur then showed Osman a paid parking spot to annoyed Osman. Osman started arguing with the Ghanaian demanding answers to why he must park elsewhere.

An angry Osman started threatening the Ghanaian with the Knives he is selling showing that he will skin him alive. This caught the attention of the people around who tried to calm him down. This made him even more angry as he showed more aggression. However the police have had Osman arrested and put in custody to prevent him from causes anybody harm.

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