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When Will There Be A Better System In Ghana:66 Years Old Sells Fruit To Survive;Crime Check Reveal

Life in this country is not easy and this story of a 66 years old man carrying fruit in the streets is a wake-up call for the upcoming youth to work hard now so that the future would be better.

The plight of this aged man selling fruit in the hot sun has touched the heart of many Ghanaians including Crime Check TV which posted it on their Facebook page. Per the caption, he sells to cater to his wife at home who is ailing from an undisclosed sickness.

In addition to his already difficult situation, he is presently facing eviction from his room because his rent is due and sadly he has no child to cater to him. This should teach every one of us a lesson, life is not something one should take lightly because when old age hits you, you will become helpless. So as young ones this is the time for us to start fighting for the future.

The man's situation saddens a lot, there are many old people out there going through similar situations, some will say they were lazy and reckless however the future is unknown. Below are some reactions;

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