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Road Accident

Three Mates, Pedestrian Narrowly Escaped Death In A Deadly Accident At Airport Road

It would have been a sad Friday evening for the families of these young men who were involved in an accident on the Airport Road off the Madina Highway. They were on board a KIA containerized truck with registration number GE 587 18, with some goods which were due to for discharge at an unknown destination.


Some trees nearby manage to restrain the vehicle from rolling over to someone’s property nearby. In a few minutes about a dozen of people rushed to scene to ensure that no one is in critical danger.


The driver’s mates who were on the passenger side of the truck were injured. Their elbows, knees and thigh were bruised. The deriver however was unhurt. They managed to pull themselves from the crash and called for assistance.


An officer of the MTTD, Police Service walk by and assessed the situation before calling on the office to come to scene. Some eyewitnesses say they saw the driver speeding at the exit lane of the road but with some terrible steering.


The car had lost its breaks and the steering was locked, the driver said. He walked to the towards the front wheels and inspected the braking system and held his fist to his chin.

 The Pedestrian [white top and black shorts] run downhill to narrate what happened to passerbys

He felt thankful for being saved learning of how bad it was. Traffic on the road has not been affected. However, should there be any attempt to tow the vehicle from the shoulders of the road, some vehicular traffic will be caused.


In the meantime, the driver and his mates are working at discharging the cargo into another vehicle so it becomes easier for the car to be towed. The mates that have sustained some injuries would surely seek medical care soon after they had completed their work.

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