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Husband and wife relationship

I Took My Husband To a Mortuary Because I Was Fed Up With His Alcoholism

My husband was a drunkard, every time they called me to get him out of the gutter, I will find him drunk. Sometimes he will be in a coma.

My family asked me to leave him, but I didn't want to because I hoped he would change. At some point, I was tired and couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to change the situation.

One day, as usual, they called me to pick him up, and I left. I took him straight to the morgue. I negotiated with the morgue manager to put him on the floor with another corpse that had been brought in that day and was waiting to be put in the morgue fridge.

Two hours later, my husband woke up and started praying not to put him in the fridge because he didn't die. The undertaker started whipping him with a whip and said, "You dead body who came here to do magic and are angry, lie down there." My husband pleaded and pleaded, and after a little whipping, the undertaker finally let him go.

Now, whenever alcoholic drinks were advertised on TV, he turned off the TV and went to bed.

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