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Police Officer Sentenced For Kidnap And Murder

I love listening to BBC radio most of the time because it’s full of real-life inspirational stories of people who have been through struggles and difficult situations and survive. Sometimes you listen to someone’s story and realize you have no problem even though you know you have a problem. With all the stories I have to listen to, there is always one common factor that seems to run through everyone’s story, that one person who like an angel always comes to the rescue. Without questions, arguments or conditions lift you out of your troubles and setts you off for a new beginning

I believe in most of these cases it’s the hand of Jehovah himself coming to the rescue of people regardless of their belief. In the same vein, it seems the chief evil and wicked one who comes to steal and destroy, also sends his angels in the most unexpected way to destroy the innocent and the just. It’s difficult to understand how a police officer who is supposed to protect will kidnap the very person he supposed to protect and kill her

This is the case of Sarah Everard who was kidnap and murdered in the United Kingdom. Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens has been sentenced for the kidnap, and murder of Sarah Everard

Couzens, 48, used his police warrant card and handcuffs to lure Everard off the street before strangling her with his police belt and burning her body, a court heard.

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