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Accra on target in keeping worldwide warming to 1.5°C – C40 urban areas report

54 urban areas, including Accra, speaking to in excess of 200 million inhabitants, are on target to help keep worldwide warming underneath 1.5°C and tackle the atmosphere emergency, per another C40 examination. 

C40 research uncovered that city endeavors could turn away at any rate 1.9 gigatonnes of GHG emanations somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2030, equal to a large portion of the yearly outflows of the European Union. 

The report delivered today contains new examination of atmosphere activity plans from these urban areas affirming they will convey something reasonable of ozone harming substance emanation decreases to hold worldwide temperatures to the 1.5°C objective of the Paris Agreement, the level that researchers concur is expected to handle the worldwide atmosphere emergency. 

The new examination was introduced by C40's Executive Director Mark Watts, at a milestone occasion facilitated by Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to stamp a long time since the marking of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Urban areas with atmosphere activity plans inspected by C40's Deadline 2020 program and affirmed as having science-based targets reliable with the Paris Agreement objectives include: 

The investigation incorporates audits of extensive new plans from 14 urban communities – Montreal; Vancouver; Buenos Aires; Curitiba; Guadalajara; Medellin; Rio de Janeiro; Salvador; São Paulo; Mexico City; Milan; Lisbon; Dakar and Johannesburg. 

The information further affirms that when completely executed, these atmosphere activity plans will ensure inhabitants, make occupations, address disparities, and tackle the worldwide atmosphere emergency.

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