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Woman flogged brutally over boyfriend at Bimbilla

Police in Bimbila has detained a woman identified as Munira for brutally flogging another woman.

According to a Bimbila resident, Munira had accused the lady of sleeping with her boyfriend, Karim, so she and her friends flogged her as a lesson to her and any other lady who has an interest in the man.

According to the residents, this isn't the first time Munira and her friends have flogged a woman for sleeping with her boyfriend.

The woman's calls for aid went unheard, as the other females pummeled her until she fell.

They can be heard questioning her about whether or not she had sex with Munira's boyfriend.

When Munira arrived, she discovered her boyfriend and the young lady in a compromising situation, according to the residents.

They claimed that the young lady was sent by a man named Fatawu to his friend Karim.

As a result, Munira organized her friends to attack the young lady, according to the resident.

According to the resident, Munira was apprehended by the police and the others are being sought.

They claimed Fatawu had sent the young lady to Karim, his friend.

Munira then gathered her friends to assault the young lady, according to the resident.

Munira was caught by police as a result of the assault, and police are looking for the other suspects, according to the resident.

A video shows more than four people striking another woman, who is on her knees crying that she had no involvement with Munira's boyfriend.

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