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Meet The African Dictator Who Was Brutally Executed on Live TV As The Whole World Was Watching

Meet The African Dictator Who Was Brutally Executed on Live TV As The Whole World Was Watching

Over the years, The issue of Bad leadership in Africa has proven to be the biggest stumbling block to achieving a better continent as far as the managing of natural resources is concerned.

Africa has a bad reputation of producing leaders who end up to be dictators. Many of these dictators had tragic endings to their presidency with the likes of Mobutu Sseseko of Zaire and Idd Amin Dada of Uganda ending up embarrassed and later dead. 

In 1971, General Idi Amin overthrew the elected government of Milton Obote and declared himself president of Uganda, launching a ruthless eight-year regime in which an estimated 300,000 civilians were massacred. His expulsion of all Indian and Pakistani citizens in 1972 along with increasing military expenditures brought about the country’s economic decline, the impact of which lasted decades.

 In 1979 his reign of terror came to an end as Ugandan exiles and Tanzanians took control of the capital of Kampala, forcing Amin to flee. Never brought to justice for his heinous crimes, Amin lived out the remainder of his life in Saudi Arabia.

Mobutu Sese Seko, the Zairian leader toppled in May after nearly 32 years of despotic rule that enriched him and his friends but left his country in shambles, has died in Morocco, Radio France Info reported early today. He was 66.

Mobutu had been suffering from prostate cancer. There was no immediate word on the cause of his death.

The billionaire leader fled Zaire on May 16, surrendering power to rebels led by longtime opponent Laurent Kabila, who then renamed the nation the Democratic Republic of Congo and made himself president. Mobutu was accompanied by an entourage of hundreds to the West African nation of Togo and then to Morocco in North Africa.

In spite of their deadly endings, no dictator had a worse ending to his reign than former Liberian President Samuel Kanyon Doe. 

Doe became a Liberian politician who became born on may 6, 1951. He served as a Liberian chief from 1980-1990. He started out as a navy leader before he became a Civilian later. 

He's remembered for staging a famous coup d'etat in April 1980. He have become the de facto head of country after the coup. Doe and his troops reportedly killed the then president William Tolbert in the course of the coup. 

He then established the people's Redemption Council, and took over as the general. Throughout his time in electricity, Doe reportedly suspended the country's constitution for five years. Samuel Doe turned into accused of running the government illegitimately. He then ordered for immidiate elections in which he reportedly rigged himself in the usage of the guide of the united states and have become the 21st Liberia President. 

Doe's authorities was accused of high cease corruption and Tribalism that favoured his tribe, The Krahn. 

In spite of passing a brand new charter in an try to legitimize his regime, Doe persevered to obtain competition from his countrymen who have been uninterested in his dictatorship. 

In 1989, Rebels felt enough changed into enough and started coming into the country through the Ivory Coast border. After months of Civil battle, Samuel Doe become subsequently captured and overthrown on nine September 1990. 

The Rebels were led through a one time ally of Charles Taylor, Prince Johnson who decided to televise the whole execution of Doe on global television. The rebels tortured Doe as they interrogated him on a number of the incorrect selections he had comprised of greed. He became then completed because the complete world changed into looking before the rebels broke into dance and party.

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