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Daboya butcher house poses health threat after few months of it's commencement

As we all know a slaughter house is meant for slaughtering of food animals for human consumption, the slaughter house in the north gonja district capital, daboya, has become a health related issue to people within the township.

The premises has turn to crude dumping point and place where people ease themselves in the superstructure which cost the district assembly thousands of Ghana cedis has become a place where people practice open defecation and rubbish dumping site.

The structure which was build in 2017 but started functioning in Feb 2021 this year is turning to be injurious to human healthy, although the issue has been reported to the district assembly, yet no response has been heard from the authorities. The district environmental health officer, Mr Osman seidu Billa has caution the butchers to clean the surrounding of the house to make it safe for human stay, as at 21April 2021, the premises was locked in order to clear all the injurious substance in and around the house.

The drainage pit was full of magots due to the nature of which people defecate inside it.

The butchers are appealing to the district assembly to fence the premises, so that people will not have access to it.

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Daboya Osman seidu Billa


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