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Strange Calabash found within a 70-year-old three in Tema - See Pictures

After a 70-year-old tree in Tema Community two was cut down, a strange calabash was found inside.

As confirmed by Adom FM, a local resident, only identified as Kwabena, wanted to cut down a tree that was posing danger to human life.

The tree's roots were spreading and expanding into the earth, Kwabena told Adom News.

He clarified that before cutting down the tree, he contacted the relevant authorities to obtain a permit and then hired a chainsaw operator.

Kwabena said he wanted to cut the tree into smaller logs after it fell, and that's when he discovered the rotting calabash.

Witnesses raced to the tree to catch a glimpse and take photographs, but the calabash calabash vanished into thin air before they could even finish their photo shoots.

After the tree was eventually cut down, Sisi Yaa, who owns a nearby store, could not contain her joy.

She said that she had been selling under the tree for nearly 35 years but that she had never made a profit from it, though she couldn't say if this was due to the tree.

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